Friday, September 08, 2006


"I enjoy competition. Competition is the essence of business and the essence of life, to a certain extent. In life, you have winners and losers, and often it's a small group of people that seem to be the winners. Some people don't think they're going to win—and they usually don't.

People who win have a certain level of intelligence, but more important, they never, ever give up. I went to the Wharton School and I know a lot of really smart guys. I also know people who weren't as smart but did better. Some of the smart guys just weren't able to handle pressure and sustain the competitive spirit. They gave up.

Failure is a great benchmark. It's something that keeps people successful, because they don't want to fail. I've never failed. I never went bankrupt or out of business. I had bad moments. I hit bad markets. I hit bad times. I also blame myself for certain things. I wasn't as focused as I could be. But the word "failure" is a great thing to think of, because you fight hard not to be there.

I think very positively. The Apprentice became the No.1 show on television. We just finished shooting season six. I said to myself, "It's going to be successful." I do that with deals, too. It doesn't always work out that way, but that's the thought process. You want to stay positive. You've got to back that up with preparation and work. But you have to have the ability to never, ever give up.

I've competed against a lot of very tough people. If I talk about them, they'll come at me to give it a second shot. And I've done very well. There are some very smart, very devious, very sick, very evil people out there in business. And there are some very smart, very competitive and very nice people. I think of myself as being in the good camp.

If you're competitive, you're not competitive in one thing and then you turn into a marshmallow everywhere else. You're competitive in everything. I compete with myself, and in fact I think of myself as my biggest competitor. When will I relax? Maybe when I kick the bucket.

Donald TRUMP on Competition

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