Monday, April 09, 2007


Dr. Peter Kraljic, a management expert and a member of the McKinsey Advisory Council was interviewed in IECD News. Dr. Kraljic gave a clear perspective and analysis on current Slovenia's state of economy including the lack of ambitious, innovative and wishful leaders in a small economy such as Slovenia. Without them, economy and society are doomed to stagnate. In the interview, dr. Kraljic captures the essence of Europe's rigid labor market and competitiveness by 2010 in the following way:

"The European Union is very split because of national interests everywhere. There is no common policy on military or foreign affairs. There is even a form of apartheid in Europe. Workers from Romania and Bulgaria, and even from Slovenia, are not allowed to work in Austria and Germany. It is not the question of whether they want to go or not, but they are not allowed to go. So how can you tell me that we are a European Community when part of the population is not allowed to seek labor in another country? It is a clear system of apartheid. The fact that nobody of the political elite of Eastern Europe is taking the case to the European Court, to the Court of Justice in The Hague, means that they don’t dare or care or they don’t understand. The Lisbon strategy objective stated that Europe should become the most competitive region by 2010. Forget it. The objective was right, but it will be missed, because of different national interests and due to non-qualified politicians that we carry around and who are dragging all the reforms. There is no way that we can become the most competitive region by 2010."
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