Wednesday, February 04, 2009


WSJ and Heritage Foundation have released the annual 2009 Index of economic freedom (link). This year, countries with high score on economic freedom are Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, U.S and Canada. Out of the most developed transition countries, only Poland lacks behind Slovenia which improved this year's score by 2.7 basis points mostly due to marginal tax cuts, improved business conditions, reduction in corporate tax rate and a moderate improvement in the area of property rights protection. The overall standing (68th in the world and 30th out of 43 countries regionally) reflects Slovenia's high tax burden (top income tax rate is 41 percent which is more than 35 percent world average), high government spending (45.3 percent in 2008), stalled privatization and underdeveloped financial sector and inflexible labor market (link).

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Brad said...

How do you think the global financial crisis will affect economic freedom in the future?
Will those economies which are worst affected subsequently have reduced levels of economic freedom?