Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hernan Buchi, former minister of finance in Chile, recently published a new book The Economic Transformation of Chile (link) where he outlined comprehensive economic reforms that boosted economic growth, lowered unemployment, reduced poverty and set the stage for more than two decades of robust growth and an economic turnaround which has been unprecendent in Latin America.

The books serves the reader with a menu of intriguing facts, curious statistics and precise analysis of how macroeconomic stability was achieved. Chile has been the leading nation in Latin America with the most stable and predictable inflation rate. Country's decent fiscal management and solid macroeconomic outlook were important cornerstones behind the invitation to the OECD.

According to Jose Pinera (link), Chile is expected to enter the club of developed nations in 2018, the first Latin American country ever. Chile pioneered the privatization of the pension system in early 1980s. Today, country's fully-funded pension system based on individual savings accounts is a model for the rest of the world (link) in overhauling unfunded pay-as-you-go social security systems.

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