Saturday, July 01, 2006


Click the picture below and read Nobel Memorial Lecture by Milton Friedman, dated on December 13, 1976

"Government policy about inflation and unemployment has been at the center
of political controversy. Ideological war has raged over these matters. Yet the
drastic change that has occurred in economic theory has not been a result of
ideological warfare. It has not resulted from divergent political beliefs or aims
It has responded almost entirely to the force of events: brute experience
proved far more potent than the strongest of political or ideological preferences..."

--Milton Friedman


husler said...

I recommend everyone to download Friedman's TV series Free To Choose. Milton is explaining his ideas so that everyone can understand what is meant by his words Capitalism&Freedom.

Rocks said...

Yeah. I've seen most of his series 'Free to Choose' and they were absolutely fabulous. It's an example how simple makes effective. Milton simplifies the meanings of free market and therefore through 'Free to choose' shows how the basic mechanisms of free market funtion overall.

"So, don't wait or hesitate, download 'Free to Choose'and share with your mate,
to see how free market is doing really great!"

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