Friday, January 19, 2007


Danish biotech companies are reaching a tremendous success after having invested nearly DKK 5 billion (EUR 675 million; USD 520 million) in biotech industry. Danish companies have been far more successful than their European competitors, especially when it comes to raising capital from venture companies. Although Germany has more biotech companies than any other European country it raised only USD 101 million from venture companies while the figure for Denmark from January to September was USD 196 million. In Sweden, for example, the total value of raised venture capital was USD 24 million. Danish biotech companies grew from small companies into established perspective ones. A significant contribution to this success belongs to well sounded venture capital markets as well as to dynamic and well-adjusted investment behavior. A closer look at OECD Figures reveals that Denmark has attracted more capital venture companies, in the percentage of the GDP, than any other European country. Very much of the success is attributed to 'Medicon Valley' biotech network based in Øresund region which includes Malmö and Copenhagen. Recent trends have shown that investment opportunities are sounder in Denmark as they lean towards. Thus, companies are running high on cyclical effects. Danish companies are known after their spiral financial ability and that creates the basis for further value empowerment. Statistics shows that the number of Danish biotech companies is steadily growing as there has been a strong 83 percent increase since 2000. Strong sustainable component of research and development supporting companies has contributed its share to the biotech miracle of Danish companies as those companies rely on the service and operational quality which suitably goes in line with growing challenges in the sector of biotechnology.

Source: The Copenhagen Post, Jyllands Posten

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