Wednesday, September 19, 2007


At, a Belarussian student explains how Belarussian State University's professor lectures economics to third-year students. During the lectures on Economics of enterprise professor Bainev tells the third-year students of economics faculty that Russians are the superior race, saying that:

"...Russians are the superior race, and the rest of the world in whole, and americans and europeans particularly, are the absolute morons and animals. He insists in a tough way on the fact that the market economy - is an absolute evil with which we should promtly fight. He says that we shouldn’t think about ourselves and our relatives, and should act only in the interests of nation and her the very best child - President of Belarus. He adds that the USSR was the best time, when people were absolutely happy. He alleged that we should do everything to reunite three main countires in the world - Ukraine, Belarus and Russia with a strong leader who will control people’s life."

Source: Lectures in BSU, (link)

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