Friday, September 21, 2007


At Blic Online, I came across the article which predicts the model of autonomous sovereignity of Kosovo based on the status which is similar to Hong Kong.

Under such proposal, Kosovo would be able to join the international organizations such as World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Politically, the status could induce the formation of institutions as well as an independent political decision-making among which there is an ability to form the rule-of-law and slash government intervention. As a partly independent region, Kosovo would probably be able to induce the foundations of economic, personal and political liberty to gain the competitive position in the world and pursue the policies in support of economic growth and capital formation.

Hong Kong, which is entitled as the freest economy in the world, generated significant economic growth and structural advancement among which there had been the enforcement of competitive law and the creation of growth-friendly business environment which attracted a significant inflows of foreign direct investment. As a result of pro-growth economic and structural policy, Hong Kong's income per capita skyrocketed over the past half of the century.

Regardless of the solutions, the creation of autonomous region or an independent state is an opportunity to gain territorialy tax sovereignity in the region with sound property rights, openness to trade and investment, and enviable structural environment which would, in turn, energize economic growth and the pursuit of prosperity through economic, individual and political liberty.

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