Sunday, August 19, 2007


Skill in the art of communication is crucial to a leader’s success. He can accomplish nothing unless he can communicate effectively.

Norman Allen


div said...

Great blog. I really liked it. I have also created a lens in same niche. This is my first time, hope u guys like it. Here’s a brief intro: Your thoughts and feelings really do create your reality. It may seem absurd to some of you, but the easiest way to health and wealth is by constantly monitoring your feelings. If you start feeling any negative emotions, you must find ways to improve those even slightly. With time, it becomes easier and easier this lens is here to provide some basic information on the law of attraction to help you get started on your own path to success.

Rocks said...

Thank you for the feedback!

As a student interested in business, I love reading and studying about how to achieve your goals and objectives through productivity activity and going for your own growth, wealth and prosperity.

Agreeable, monitoring your feelings is a lot easier way for monitoring your feelings and mentalitiy. To improve them courageously, there must always be a path to guide you through the setback and obstacles on your way to success and skill improvement.