Sunday, August 26, 2007


This is the 300th post on my blog.

Currently, I' m not blogging from my office base. Right now, I'm at the seaside here in Slovenia, in a small, Adriatic and Italian-styled Mediterranean town named Izola. The weather here is extremely hot despite some chill-weeding wind blows. Most people here are friendly and warm towards incoming visitors. However, you can face a lot of difficulties in communication if you speak English or German so it is preferable to use Slovene, Italian or Serbo-Croatian. Yesterday, me and my friend went to San Simon, Izola's central bay where lots of yachts are anchored alongside the coast. However, I found it "weird'n'strange" when workers at a rent-a-boat coast service told us that it is not allowed to drive a jet ski on water unless you have a sailor's licence. How can a small town expect to see in increase in incoming tourist visit if the best and most exciting is prohibited by law and regulation?

Yesterday evening, we had a great time as we did some night swimming in the seaside and the pool. I expect to do some scuba-dive and water sliding in the days to come.

One of the disappointments I face yet, is a typical post-communist infrastructure, dusts of socialist industrial factory complex and heavily-loaded, thin-sliced streets where it is nearly impossible to drive-in. The nightlife could also be more exciting with better facilities and more choice to feel the excitement of the summer and not that just walking down the street is the only option you have.

However, this CyberCafe is excellent. It offers one of the tastiest and most delicious Mai Tai cocktails.


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