Friday, July 20, 2007


Coming across the site of the British Council in Slovenia, we can see that young director, screenwriter and producer Mitja Okorn won the prestigious award Young film entrepreneur of the year. In 2005, his first feature of the movie Tu pa tam (Here and there) was premiered in Slovenia and exceeded the popularity ratings, outperforming all state-funded Slovenian movies. By the way, Here and there is an excellent movie and I recommend you to watch it. I'm sure that nobody's going to regret that aftermath. I am also looking forward to watch his next movie The Member.

Here and there was a good-looking case study on how free-market initiatives work in reality. It has also a been a sort of proof how supply-side economics and effort is rewarded as it yields tremendous market success and big dividends. If you watch boring state-subsidized movies in Slovenian movie theaters, you see empty cinema halls and only a few people who watch such stupid government-backed movies. Here and there is different and was paid an attention from many of us, who have loved his movies.

Our blog editor congratulates Mitja Okorn for this prestigous reward and wishes him all the best of features, production and further effort and success in the future.

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