Sunday, July 29, 2007


Studying and being logged on to Trump University is great. You can take new courses, gain a new portion of knowledge through podcasts, discussions or simply read the outstanding articles and blog posts on marketing strategies, real estate, management or/and entrepreneurship and learn how to improve your effort and skills on your way to develop ideas, emulate strategies and build a strong engine of growth, profit and gains from the entrepreneurial mind.

To feel the taste of Trump University, I warmly recommend you to choose to read the following three masterful posts on the issues of negotiation, real estate and marketing:

The Art of Negotiation by Donald J. Trump

Marketing Secrets for Real Estate Success by Gary Eldred

Great Marketing: No Thinking Required! by Josef Katz


Anonymous said...

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Rocks said...

Check this:

where you can learn how make your projects (blogs and websites included) an engine of profit growth and cash machine.

I like this quote:
"Anyone can start a business. The secret to success lies in marketing. If you know anything about me, you know I hate bad marketing. Great marketing can make you rich; bad marketing can destroy the strongest brands. I had my team of experts create this program � Marketing Mastery � to teach you the power and the possibility of great marketing on your business. If you�re going to be an entrepreneur, you need to know this... you need to take this course."

I believe that blogging is a good example of how entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial we are, especially in how we innovate and raise the value of an individual trademark through dynamic and innovative brand management.