Sunday, July 08, 2007


There is a new-coming political party in Slovenia called Liberals (Liberal Party) with a very ambitious and ground-breaking program created on the very principles of classical liberalism. Here we can check further details about the party itself, including support.

As we can see, the program's emphasis is the absence of government intervention, the pursuit of lower taxes to stress the competitive potentials and the economic growth soar in a small and open economy such as Slovenia. It's glad to read and hear that there is a party which has not created its agenda on the basis of fiscal pressures, rent seeking or expansionary fiscal spiral such as the favorization of particular interest groups, which is the foremost threat to the sustainability of public finance and individual liberty nevertheless.

The program also includes the aim to pursue free choice in mostly government-funded education sector. Above all, the real party whose program agenda is based on the very principles of free market, individual liberty and economic freedom, has finally took place also in Slovenia which remains the most socialist of ex-socialist countries in Europe. Free-market ideas such as proposed in the program of Liberals are strongly welcome and needed as well, to create a sufficient public management based on government non-intervention to let Slovenia become a global success story.


AA said...

any English version? :)

Rocks said...

I don't know actually. I haven't seen it yet.