Thursday, July 12, 2007


Stockholm is a beautiful city. It offers a pure variety of northern flame and vibrant events throughout the whole year. For example, the city's enriched summer evenings offer a high-class nightlife such as clubbing and a truly excellent choice of entertainment. Live concerts, all-tempted music concerts and of course, cute, hot, beautiful, hot and all-time-charming Swedish girls. Nevertheless, artsy design and astuting galleries attract the spot of your eye very quickly while staying in Stockholm and adoring the city which once presented a country whose growth and prosperity went from rags-to-riches, becoming the third richest Western country with a vibrant economy and strong growth, and vice versa in socialist Swedish times from late 1960s onwards until the recession slashed Sweden's GDP in early 1990s. Also, dining and restaurants offer delicious meals in Sweden's capital. Recently, Johan Norberg recommended where to go if you're visiting Stockholm:

"If you´re visiting Stockholm this summer, be sure to stop by En annan salladsbar on Birger Jarlsgatan 22, close to Stureplan. One reason is that the food is delicious (the sausage salad is an unexpected favourite),..."

And here comes the essence of En annan salladsbar associated with the title of this post:

"...another reason is that it has been started as a protest against ruthless trade unions that destroyed a salad bar in Gothenburg because its workers wanted individual working agreements and didn´t accept the union´s demands." (link)

Who could think that humble asipirations of trade unions quickly turned into the expropriation of private property in Swedish city of Gothenburg? Perhaps this is the most striking evidence that trade unions in a collective bargaining, actually pledge on marxist origins whose founders and ideological creators had sworn to demolish private property, economic freedom and individual liberty. Unfortunately, terrible consequences following the legacy of central planning and socialism still impair and inhibit Slovenia's economic performance and the respect of human rights emerging from personal liberty to live, choose and pursue desired objectives in your own life.

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